Healthcare Services Super-Aggregator, driven by A.I. and Data Science


Aggregation Advantage

11,000 Health Service Providers (Hospitals & Clinics) as Partners, we work to make Healthcare Simplified & Affordable for you.


Predictive Planning

Our proprietary, predictive health planning AI Engine was developed in collaboration with some of the brightest minds. So you can plan your health - in advance.

We're on a mission to find patterns in health data to improve lives.

It started with a simple idea: Simplify Healthcare and make it affordable.

But that idea, required a better understanding of the two elements of the healthcare equation: The Consumer (people like you or us) and the Health Service Provider (Hospitals, Clinics etc.). To this equation, we needed to apply Data Science and a platform for Artificial Intelligence, that would make sense of it all and then find patterns. So that's what we've done.

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is now available to large companies and organisations.




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Individuals by 2020
You probably take better care of your Car, than your own Body. Why is that?

Your body tells you in advance, if something is amiss. It tells you about the health issues that could come up as you get older. A better way to live, is to make a plan for periodic, Preventive Health-checks that are curated based on your Age, Gender, Genetic History and Occupation. At EBH, we're working with Large Organisations across India and Asia, to help them manage their Employee health (B2B-2C). Very soon, we will be open to Consumers (B2C) as well.

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Looking good and feeling good is important. But, do you know where to go?

From Cosmetic Dentistry to Slimming Services. From Skincare to Haircare. From Health & Wellness to Corrective Surgery. At EBH, we understand your need to find reliable and reputed clinics that are transparent with their pricing and type of service. After all, when you need to look good, your wallet needs to feel good too.

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We understand your pain. Especially if its chronic. Are you getting what you want?

Physiotherapy, Dialysis or Chemotherapy. If these and other repetitive issues, are part of your everyday life, you don't need to limit the options of where you can find the best care at the most competitive price. Our Health Service Partners (HSPs), compete with each other to provide you what you are looking for, where you need it and when you need it.

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Planned procedures give you the time to plan? Your budget and quality of service. Looking for choices?

A cataract operation, knee surgery or hip replacement. Planned hospitalization procedures require a detailed analysis of the various options available to you, from price to quality or service. EBH works with well known hospitals and clinics (across India and Asia), as well as the mid to small range ones to give you a wider choice at a price guarantee.

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